LED Lights

LED Lights in Pakistan

Efficiency and Cost effective

LED lights are being used widely in domestic, commercial and industrial sector of our country and have replaced conventional lighting. Their elegant designs, innovative technology, power efficiency and cost effectiveness have made them a smart choice for consumers. As LEDs don’t contain mercury, so these lights are eco-friendly exactly what our planet requires now days. Whether it is home, office, indoor or outdoor place, LED lights’ installations are now integral for a modern space. LED bulbsLED street lightsLED spotlightsLED downlightsLED panel lampsLED tube LightsLED floodlights are most commonly used types of LED lights in Pakistan. Being the leading LED lights manufacturer in PakistanPremier Energy offers a complete LED lighting range. Following are some top characteristics of LED lights and Premier LEDs are unparalleled in terms of each feature:

Smart Designs and Aesthetically Appealing

LED lights have slim design and aesthetically pleasing look to complement the modern themed décors. With their anti-glare effect and soft shaded light, they add a cool and calm feel to the surroundings. These lights cause less heat comparatively and suitable for us as we have to bear a long summer season. Premier Energy’s LED lights has chic designs which adorn the interior spaces.

Lesser Energy Consumption

One of the biggest advantages of using LED lights is reduction in electricity consumption. Eventually it cuts down your electricity bills to some extent and helps in saving money. That’s why majority has adopted these lights which are better in technology and performance. Premier Energy’s LED bulbs and tube lights guarantee up to 60% cut in power usage.

More Brightness with Better Lumens Per Watt Ratio

LED products emit more visible light and have higher lumens per watt ratio. Their light reflectivity is more than their conventional counterparts and this effect increases their energy efficiency. As a result, more brightness is added to the room or surrounding area where LED lights are installed. Premier Energy LED lights have 100-110 lumens per watt ratio which is considered best in quality and performance standards.

Durable and Long Lasting

The LED lights are matchless in durability and longevity. These lights are designed to withstand extreme weather situations unlike conventional lights. The conventional tube lights and CFLs last for 10K to 20K hours whereas LED lights can last for 40K to 50K hours. Moreover, these LED lights come with a warranty from their manufacturers and can be replaced during that period of time. Premier Energy provides long-term warranties of all products included in its LED lighting range. LED lights prices in Pakistan varies accordingly to their brands and manufacturers. Premier Energy is rated as number 1 brand for LED lights in the country, however prices of their LED products are competitive. It offers great value to your money with a payback period of six months.

Premier Energy LED Lighting Range

Premier Energy LED lighting range includes most frequently used products for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. To know more about their specs and prices, checkout Premier Energy’s LED Product section on its official website.

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