Benefits of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings

It is an unprecedented tough time for businesses as the country has been struggling with energy and environmental crises for a long time now. The situation got worse when the novel Covid-19 hit the country with all its might, and every business was impacted. However, the worst thing that could happen in such a difficult time was the government’s announcement to increase the electricity prices to recover 1 trillion rupees by the end of 2022. All of these problems have been juicing out the potential of businesses to grow. Despite all these things, there is something which can not only help counter the aforementioned problems but can also secure successful growth for the coming decade. The solution which is so reliable is none other than the most booming and rapidly hiking technology of solar panels. Roof solar panel systems are an extraordinary method to cut your energy costs and generate electricity from a sustainable power source. Here at Premier Energy, we plan and install solar energy systems for businesses, industries, and huge factories. Following are the benefits that you can avail by switching your commercial building to solar energy.

GO GREEN with Renewable Energy

Introducing solar panels permits you to practice environmental awareness. Conventional power plants utilize non-renewable energy sources to make power. It implies the generators may run on coal, gas, or even atomic force to deliver power. By introducing Solar Energy Systems, you are decreasing your dependence on municipally provided power and bringing down your carbon impression. On the off chance that you are looking for sustainability certifications for your organization to enhance your business, solar energy can help you achieve that in a breeze.

Attract Environmentally Conscious Residents, Employees and Clients

Saving the planet and lessening carbon impressions and non-renewable energy source utilization keeps on developing with each age. Introducing solar panels can assist you with pulling in customers, clients, inhabitants, and representatives who are environment conscious and wish to accomplish business or work for organizations that view the wellbeing of the planet appropriately by lessening their dependence on non-sustainable power sources. It can especially help you expand your business through achieving sustainability goals and partner with international brands that focus on such measures. As Mr. Rana Amjad, Manager Operations of Delta Garments says, “Solar energy has helped us achieve our sustainability targets and grab more customers in the garments industry who only do business with organizations having certain sustainability certifications.”

Avoid Power Outages

When your structure totally depends on the power provided by the utility framework, it is likewise 100% vulnerable to the blackouts experienced by the network. At the point when the power goes out because of a storm, an issue with the grid, or scheduled power network maintenance, your premises likewise lose power. Notwithstanding, in the event that you have a solar power system that has a battery system for power storage and use, you won’t lose power during a blackout. Your panels will keep on providing electricity to your structure’s electrical framework as long as the sun is shining and your battery backup works accurately.

Reduce Operating Expenses

Regardless of whether you have solar panels with or without a battery backup system, you’ll get a good deal on your energy bills. When you have a solar panel system, which is associated with your meter and the utility lines, your solar panels produce power. It decreases the measure of utility power that your structure gets. If you have installed the battery storage as well, the excess electricity will be stored in the batteries before it is sent to the grid. You can use the electricity stored in the battery bank to power your premises during the peak hours when the electricity rates are higher. This will help you in decreasing the operating expenses by lowering your peak time reliance on utility station.

Better Control Of Your Energy Bills

Power costs are continually rising as the recent surge in prices to recover a trillion rupees by December 2022. As a business that used loads of power to control machinery and inside and outside lights, the most ideal approach to control your electricity expenses is to find alternate power sources, as solar systems. Solar Panels have an average lifetime of somewhere in the range of 20 and 25 years. Just imagine how much cash you’ll save by creating your own electricity for the following twenty years, particularly when you consider the hike in power tariff that will happen between now and forever.

Increase  the Property Value of Your Business

Solar panels can increase your Property’s Value and help your structure sell quicker on the off chance that you at any point plan to sell your business, factory, or multi-unit private property later on. It is on the grounds that energy productivity sells. At the point when a structure has solar panels, a few or the entirety of the energy required by the organization is created by the panels. It implies that the short and long-haul working costs of your structure are lower than equivalent structures that don’t have solar panels introduced on the rooftop. So you will benefit from the panels during the time you own the business and recover the installation cost when you decide to sell the business.

Earn With Net Metering

You can also connect your system with the utility grid through a three-phase net meter. It can help you transmit excessive electricity produced by the system to the utility grid. You can earn money through the electricity you supply and avail the earned money in cash or as a discount on your next bill through Net Metering.

Get  Low Maintenance, Reliable Energy

Present-day solar panel frameworks are incredibly low maintenance and truly reliable. The normal life expectancy of solar panel systems ranges somewhere between 20 and 25 years, depending upon the class of board. It implies that once the framework is connected, it will begin delivering power, and you will not need to do a lot of upkeep. You will not need to wipe snow or ice off the boards, in light of the fact that the snow and ice will liquefy off the boards after a little while of the storm. They are additionally invulnerable to powerful winds and solid blizzards in light of the fact that the frameworks are intended to withstand certain climates, similar to these storms. The only prescribed upkeep is to splash them with a water hose to eliminate debris and dirt from the solar cells.

Take Advantage of  Low Installation Costs

The present solar panels are unfathomably inexpensive and getting more reasonable consistently. For instance, the present solar plates are around 23% more affordable than the panels delivered only five years prior. Also, there are various programs to pay for your panels. You can buy them with cash directly, or you can also avail the State Bank of Pakistan’s Solar Financing Scheme.

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