32KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

32KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

32KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Curious about 32KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan? A solar inverter is an undeniably important part of a solar system because it converts the DC into AC with 240 V so the produced electricity can be used by the home appliances. The 32kW solar inverter price in Pakistan is dependent upon a number of factors such as the manufacturing company, the specifications, the type of the inverter, etc. The price variation does not depend upon the sector in which it is used as any inverter can be used for commercial, residential or any other sector. There are certain things that affect the price of the solar inverters, however, you can always find the most affordable cost of 32 kW solar inverter in Pakistan from Premier Energy. Here you can have a brief account of the details about the 32kW inverters we have.

The 32KW Solar Inverter We Offer

We offer 32KW solar inverter from companies that have been tested and approved by many of our customers. The details about these inverters are as following:

Goodwe 32kw Solar Inverter
Product Model:


Product Features:
  • Built-in DC switch
  • Dust-proof and water-resistant safety
  • Full load output even at high temperature such as 45 degrees Centigrade
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Has multiple monitoring and communication channels
  • 5-inch super large LED display
  • No Fan required
  • Silent operations of the inverter
  • Appropriate for both outdoor and indoor connections
  • Provide up to 30% DC input oversizing
  • Offers up to 10 % AC output overloading
Data Table:
Phase 3 – phase
Capacity 30 KW
Max Efficiency 98.7%
Max Input Power DC 54KW
Max Output Power AC 32 KW
Online Monitoring Yes
Protection IP65
Huawei 30kw Solar Inverter
Product Model:


Product Features:
  • Natural cooling technology eliminates the need for external fans
  • IP65 protection from dust and moisture
  • Anti-Islanding Shield
  • AC overcurrent Safety
  • Ability to detect residual current
  • DC and AC surge arrester Type-2 installed
  • LED indicator display
  • Bluetooth, USB and APP availability
  • Compact and stylish design with extremely silent operations
  • AFCI powered by Artificial Intelligence to lessen fire risk
  • Up to 30% higher yield from each solar panel
  • No such parts are used which wear down, and need to be replaced
Phase 3 – phase
Capacity 60 KW
Max Efficiency 98.6%
Max Input Power DC 48 KW
Max Output Power AC 30 KW
Online Monitoring Yes
Protection IP65

The 32KW Solar Inverter You Will Need For Your System

32KW Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Usually, different inverters of variable capacities are combined to fulfill the requirement of a large solar system, but it is not ideal to use multiple inverters when a single inverter is enough to offset the requirement. For example, for a 10KW system there will either be one 10kW inverter or two 5 kW inverters. Similarly, to fulfill the system requirement of a 64 kW system, the maximum one can do is two 32 kW inverters. The following table gives you a generic idea of the number of 30 kW inverters that will be required for a specific system.

300-350 3KW Solar System 3 kw solar inverter
500-600 5 kW Solar System 5 kw solar inverter
1100-1200 10 kW Solar System 10 kw solar inverter

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