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How Solar Enegy Benefits the Environment

How Solar Energy Benefits the Environment?

It's an obvious fact that solar energy is much better for the climate than conventional energy delivered from petroleum derivatives. The clean energy created by solar panels rapidly makes up for the energy needed to manufacture them. Together with other positive natural effects like reduction in water use, customers can have confidence that solar panels have a considerable beneficial impact on the climate. An expanding number of people are switching…

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Cheapest form of Energy

The Cheapest Source of Energy in Pakistan?

The industrial revolution marked the beginning of a new era in the history of humanity and this was the time when coal and other fossil fuels became the primary source of energy. Fossil fuels were aggressively used to generate electricity until it was found that burning these fuels is destroying the environment. The implications of using these sources of energy are far greater than the benefits that mankind was gaining,…

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What is Half Cut Solar cells

What Are Half-Cut Solar Cells?

Half-cut solar cells are actually what their name shows – they are traditional silicon solar cells that have been cut in half using a laser cutter. Half-cut cells give a few advantages over conventional solar cells. Above all, half-cut solar cells offer improved performance and strength. Performance-efficient, half-cut cells can increase panel efficiencies by a couple of percentages. Also, with better production, half-cut cells are more resilient than their customary…

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